Cleanroom Resistivity Tester


Surface Resistivity Tester

Item Name: Surface Resistivity Tester

Description: This durable and lightweight handheld meter measures both Surface Resistivity between two points (Rtt) and Resistance to Ground (Rtg). Test Range 105 to 1012 . Automatically generates a 10v or 100v test voltage for a 9 volt battery with results shown through a mutli-colored LED display. Can be used with the built-in parallel stainless steel electrodes or with optional external electrodes

Probe Resistance Test Kit

Item Name: Probe Resistance Test Kit

Description: This kit is designed to measure resistance between two points (RTT), surface to ground (RTG), and surface resistivity in accordance with ANSI/EOS/ESD S4.1 and S7.1. The display is an easy-to-read LCD and light emitting diodes (LED's) illuminates exponent numbers and functions. Kit comes complete with protective carrying case, two 5 lb. electrodes, set of test leads, Certificate of Calibration and 2 AA alkaline batteries. 

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